Usage of the ontology

Description of the used structure

To avoid problems by using the different classes of the ontology, a short description of the most important classes is given, here. If there might still be any difficulties you can browse through the already included classes and instances or you can send an email to
For the description of a character the main classes are formal_description and character. These classes were only included for structuring reasons. They represent the frame of a description of a character. Afterwards, four different categories are offered:
The class features is divided in inner and outer features, so it is possible to describe the character features, emotions, special outer features and the clothing of a character. act inlcudes speech actions and other actions. Further catgeories granulate these actions.
On the top level of the ontology you can find an additional class called general_notes. It should be used for information that might be also important but which don't belong to the character, e.g. the used version of the book. Most of the main classes are derived from theories for the description of literary characters.


Different options are available in this system. It is possible to include new information about a literary character in the ontology (edit part). You can include information about new characters, but it is also possible to include additional information about a character you already added.
Other options are to search for characters and their features as well as compare selected characters (search and comparison part).